Parents Educational Participation


Parent/teacher interviews are held twice a year. These interviews are scheduled as a 20 minute conference with your child's teacher to discuss your child's progress.

During the term, teachers are available for consultation with prior appointment. Appointment times are to be scheduled directly through the Teacher.


It is required that parents of children joining the school observe in an appropriate classroom before their child commences school. Classroom observations for parents of prospective students are available by arrangement through the office.

Parents of enrolled children are encouraged to observe in their child's classroom each academic year. Parents should observe the classroom as a whole and not just their child in isolation. This acquaints the parents with the child as part of the entire group of children working in the Montessori environment.

Observations are one hour. Dates and times are available in the office. A maximum of two people may observe at one time. Babies or toddlers are not permitted in the classroom during observation visits.